Sunday, March 31, 2013

13.4 - Four Down, One to Go

I had a blast doing 13.4.  It was hard - so unbelievably hard.  95lb clean and jerks - brutal.  My shoulders are way achy today.  But it's a good achy.  An 'I kicked that WOD's ass' achy.  Even though I didn't get a high number - my rep count was 42 - I'm pretty damn proud of myself.  My goal was 40 so I beat that -- but I'm more proud of the fact that I didn't no rep a single movement.  Toes to bar is my weakness - during our first competition class, they practically had me in tears because I felt like I just couldn't do it.  The next class, I had to scale them down because I just couldn't get them.  This was just over a month ago.  For me to get 18 of them, without missing one - that's a feat that I am damn proud of.  No... it's not 120+ reps like Sam Briggs.  But it's 42 and I'm gonna take it (and the wicked collarbone bruise that came along with the cleans).  

I'm excited to see what 13.5 will throw at us.  I'm a little worried that it's going to be pull-ups.  Actually, I'm 99% sure that there will be pull-ups.  Which will make the workout incredibly short for me.  But... we'll see.  Maybe I'll get lucky... or incredibly strong in 5 days.  

It has been an incredibly gorgeous weekend here in Seattle.  I think it hit 70 today -- or at least close to it.  It's been fantastic.  It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the nice weather with friends at a BBQ yesterday.  I forget how much I love BBQ-ing.  It's so summery.  Yeah summer! 

BBQ-ing gave me a chance to flex my skills in the kitchen.  I made bacon wrapped dates, bacon pecan brussel sprouts and blueberry peach crumble.  (Notice a trend?  We're lucky I didn't put bacon in the crumble too.)  I probably would have made four more dishes if I wouldn't have felt like that was maybe just a bit extreme.  Apparently, I love having an excuse to cook for people other than me.  It's just so much more fun. Tara also made chocolate chip cookies and guacamole and we snacked on chips, salsa, and beer... so... needless to say - my kitchen was a DISASTER yesterday.  It was like trying to do Thanksgiving... tons of dishes and strategic planning with the oven.  Perfect day!
Exhibit A: crumble, cookies and brussel sprouts
Brussel sprouts, sharp objects AND wine.  Winning.
Bacon and pecans.  Really.  Everything is better with bacon.
Dexter.  Look how cute I am. Real damn cute.

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