Sunday, March 31, 2013

13.4 - Four Down, One to Go

I had a blast doing 13.4.  It was hard - so unbelievably hard.  95lb clean and jerks - brutal.  My shoulders are way achy today.  But it's a good achy.  An 'I kicked that WOD's ass' achy.  Even though I didn't get a high number - my rep count was 42 - I'm pretty damn proud of myself.  My goal was 40 so I beat that -- but I'm more proud of the fact that I didn't no rep a single movement.  Toes to bar is my weakness - during our first competition class, they practically had me in tears because I felt like I just couldn't do it.  The next class, I had to scale them down because I just couldn't get them.  This was just over a month ago.  For me to get 18 of them, without missing one - that's a feat that I am damn proud of.  No... it's not 120+ reps like Sam Briggs.  But it's 42 and I'm gonna take it (and the wicked collarbone bruise that came along with the cleans).  

I'm excited to see what 13.5 will throw at us.  I'm a little worried that it's going to be pull-ups.  Actually, I'm 99% sure that there will be pull-ups.  Which will make the workout incredibly short for me.  But... we'll see.  Maybe I'll get lucky... or incredibly strong in 5 days.  

It has been an incredibly gorgeous weekend here in Seattle.  I think it hit 70 today -- or at least close to it.  It's been fantastic.  It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the nice weather with friends at a BBQ yesterday.  I forget how much I love BBQ-ing.  It's so summery.  Yeah summer! 

BBQ-ing gave me a chance to flex my skills in the kitchen.  I made bacon wrapped dates, bacon pecan brussel sprouts and blueberry peach crumble.  (Notice a trend?  We're lucky I didn't put bacon in the crumble too.)  I probably would have made four more dishes if I wouldn't have felt like that was maybe just a bit extreme.  Apparently, I love having an excuse to cook for people other than me.  It's just so much more fun. Tara also made chocolate chip cookies and guacamole and we snacked on chips, salsa, and beer... so... needless to say - my kitchen was a DISASTER yesterday.  It was like trying to do Thanksgiving... tons of dishes and strategic planning with the oven.  Perfect day!
Exhibit A: crumble, cookies and brussel sprouts
Brussel sprouts, sharp objects AND wine.  Winning.
Bacon and pecans.  Really.  Everything is better with bacon.
Dexter.  Look how cute I am. Real damn cute.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Okay... I have just got to throw this out there... I am going to Vegas in three weeks and I. Am. SO. EXCITED!  I have been to Vegas before - with my best friend since first grade, Diana, and our moms when we graduated from college -- so 7 years ago?  It was fun - very fun.  And I will never live down the fact that I told Diana's mom, Melinda, that we would not be calling her to check in several times during the course of our evening out at the bars.  Apparently I had a super sweet smile and just said 'no'.  Go me. #totallyloveablebrat  

Well... I'm super excited to go and have a girls trip -- I just want to lay by the pool and have giant margaritas brought to me by a hot cabana boy.  Really, I don't think that is too much to ask for.  It's not like I'm asking for a SUPER hot cabana boy - I'll totally settle for just average hot.  

Hmmm... picture this at a pool in Vegas.  Yes...
I'm going with Tara and Meera.  Meera is one of Tara's good friends - and I totally adore her and am glad that I can call her my friend too.  But... I'm less than excited to feel like the dumb one as they are both doctors -- at least I know that if I break out in hives on this particular trip to Vegas (oh yeah... that happened before), I'll be in good hands.  Listen here, you doctors -- you may be brilliant and save peoples lives...  but I'm an event planner and a CrossFit trainer.  Take that.  

Sidenote - I am LOVING coaching CrossFit classes.  I've done two weeks of it and I absolutely love it.  I'm not even really coaching yet... I get to run our athletes through warm ups and help with some form issues - but it makes me unbelievably happy. I know, I know - it's been two weeks.  I don't care.  It's fantastic.  I don't even mind getting up at 4:30am.     

Back to Vegas: I feel like I need to make a 'We're Going to Las Vegas' playlist.  I think it will start with LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It.  That may need to be our theme song.  Not sure if the girls will agree-- but whatever.  That will be MY theme song for the weekend and I plan to listen to it approximately every 15 minutes for the next three weeks.  I may even shake my booty in my chair at my office.  That will happen.  Don't judge.  

Yup.  This is the first time that I've ever gone on a trip like this.  I've been to Europe with the guy that I loved... but... I've never gone on a girls weekend trip just for the hell of it. I've gone places with the girls -- but it's always been for a purpose - a wedding, a bachelorette - something like that.  But this is literally just to play.  And I'm PSYCHED about it.  

PS - Something I'm less than pysched about?  13.4 tomorrow.  95lb clean and jerks?  Ouch.  My goal is 40 reps.  That gets me thru the rounds of 9.  The toes to bar may kill me.  But here goes nothing.  At least all my favorite people will be at the gym tomorrow.  And it's gorgeous out.  And we are having a BBQ tomorrow to enjoy the sunny weather.  I'm excited about all things these weekend (except toes to bar). And Vegas in three weeks.  I'm SUPER excited about Vegas.  

Monday, March 25, 2013

Not All Booty Shorts Are Created Equal

Let me just say... we got new booty shorts this weekend and they are MINI SIZED.  I think that it's maybe a postage stamp sized amount of fabric.  Which is surprising as they are THE EXACT SAME as the other three pairs that I have.  So... let's just say that my ass came out to play at the gym tonight.  Hello Danielle's butt. I usually have no problem wearing tiny shorts at the gym... but since Tara has maimed herself (seriously... get better already... I miss you), I'm typically the only girl in our classes and definitely the only girl who wears shorts. I may be a little more self conscience than normal. 

So... that happened.  Sorry guys.  

Tonight's workout was not pleasant.  I am SO tired.  

Double WOD (please note-- Double.  DOUBLE.)
3 Rounds: 
400m run
Max power cleans - 95lbs

3 min break

Toes to bar
Hand stand push ups
Ah.  Blah.  Ugh. 

Let me just say it again... Ah.  Blah.  Ugh.  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

13.3 - And News!!!!

News!!!!  I passed my certification test!  I'm officially a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer.  Holy crap.  HOLY CRAP!!!!  After checking my email approximately 423 times since Wednesday - I FINALLY got the email last night while I was at a wedding (yes... I was totally that girl who checked her email at a wedding).  So... yeah!  I'm officially a trainer.  Wow.  I have got to step up my game.  

So... 13.3.  Kicked. My. Ass.  

There is something sadistic about having to do 150 wall balls.  It was brutal.  I did the wall balls in 9:11.  For my first time doing 'Karen' - I'm pretty pleased with it.  I did 90 seconds unbroken and got to almost 50 -- if I was going to do it again (which, please God -- don't make me), I would do 2 or 2 1/2 minutes unbroken.  The first 100 felt manageable -- and then the agony set in.  Pretty sure I did my last 35 in sets of 3-5.  Tara and Jess were awesome at cheering me on and getting me to do just one more rep before letting the ball drop.  I'm definitely pleased with how I did on the wall balls portion of the WOD.  The double unders, however, were a totally different beast.  Double unders are not exactly my forte -- turns out I'm SUPER uncoordinated.  It's not awesome.  My brain was saying 'jump'-- and my legs were saying 'fuck you'Yup... that's super ladylike.  And exactly what was happening.  It took me a good 45 seconds to relax and pull it together enough to get 22 of them.  Pretty sure at one point, I wanted to throw my jumprope across the gym and call it a day.  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get a double under while exhausted -- it's a total mental game.  So... 13.3 total?  172.  

The real end result of 13.3?  The fact that I can't stand up/sit down/walk up or down stairs without feeling excruciating pain in my quads.  Ouch.  Wall balls = 1.  Danielle = 0.  

Hmmm... what else?  Today is the first day in a couple of weeks that I've had nothing going on.  It was GLORIOUS.  I slept in.  I drank coffee on my couch.  I went and got a foot refloxology treatment (more on that later).  I had brunch.  I caught up on laundry.  I took a two hour nap.  I made banana bread.  Total Sunday win!!!  

Okay... so... when I decided to start a blog - I was determined to not be one of those people who uses it to post ridiculous pictures of their pets/children (okay... most people post ridiculous pictures of their children-- I have cats, not kids).  But... this is what happened to me today:  

Hey mom.  I know you need to fold approximately 75lbs of laundry.  I'm going to help.  By laying in the middle of the pile and digging my claws into as many items as possible.  Especially if they are snag-able, then I'll touch them at least twice.  Love, Fatti

But why is all the laundry folded?  All you leave me is this measly towel?  Well... it's mine and you can't have it.  Try to take it from me - I'll rip a hole in it. I swear I will.  See... just did.  You asked for it. Love, Fatti
Yup.  This happened.  Whoever tells you that cats don't have personalities should just come and spend one evening at my house.  Just one. 

And yes.  I did this much laundry today.  This actually wasn't even all of it.  There were at least two loads after this.  I hate folding laundry.  I HATE it.  Doing laundry - not a problem.  Folding/putting away?  Bane of my existence.   

Wow... I must be REALLY boring if this is all I have to write about.  Sorry.   

I also made this:  

Paleo Banana Bread
4 bananas - mashed
4 eggs
1/2 cup coconut butter
4 tablespoons coconut oil
1/2 cup coconut flour
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon cloves
1/2 cup crushed walnuts
pinch of salt 

1) Mix bananas, eggs, oil and coconut butter using KitchenAid.  Once well beaten - mix in all dry ingredients.  Mix until smooth.  Add walnuts.
2)  Bake in a 9x5 well greased pan at 350 degrees for 55 minutes.  

So easy.  However, the next time I make it - I'll probably use almond butter instead of coconut butter.  It ended with a flat coconut flavor-- I think the almond flavor would complement the nuts/banana.  So... probably more to come on this when I try it again. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Blah. Just blah.

You know when you are so tired that you can't even focus on what you are supposed to be doing?  That's me today.  I'm exhausted.  I have had what is maybe the longest two weeks of my life (and by my life, let's not kid ourselves, I really mean the last six months.  I have a flair for the dramatic).  It just feels SUPER long because I took my Level 1 certification course this last weekend and so it was like two additional days of work.  

But... YEAH!!!!  I took my Level 1 Coaching course!  I am going to be a CrossFit coach!!  Okay... this is all based on the assumption that I actually PASSED my certification test... but in an effort to think positive, I totally passed.  I should *hopefully* find out today.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  

Because I successfully completed the course - I started my coaching internship at Sound CrossFit this week.  And I love it already.  Except for the fact that I had to get out of bed at 4:30 this morning.  That was not my favorite thing that I've ever done.  I typically get up pretty early... and by early, I mean 6.  4:30 is not a normal time to be a functioning human being.  I'm currently on what could maybe be my 17th cup of coffee.  Let's all say 'caffeine overload' together.

I have literally run around like a crazy person this week.  I've been getting home late and going to work early and fitting in multiple workouts and I'm exhausted.  This is what I feel like: