Monday, March 25, 2013

Not All Booty Shorts Are Created Equal

Let me just say... we got new booty shorts this weekend and they are MINI SIZED.  I think that it's maybe a postage stamp sized amount of fabric.  Which is surprising as they are THE EXACT SAME as the other three pairs that I have.  So... let's just say that my ass came out to play at the gym tonight.  Hello Danielle's butt. I usually have no problem wearing tiny shorts at the gym... but since Tara has maimed herself (seriously... get better already... I miss you), I'm typically the only girl in our classes and definitely the only girl who wears shorts. I may be a little more self conscience than normal. 

So... that happened.  Sorry guys.  

Tonight's workout was not pleasant.  I am SO tired.  

Double WOD (please note-- Double.  DOUBLE.)
3 Rounds: 
400m run
Max power cleans - 95lbs

3 min break

Toes to bar
Hand stand push ups
Ah.  Blah.  Ugh. 

Let me just say it again... Ah.  Blah.  Ugh.  

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