Saturday, March 9, 2013

13.1 - Here We Go!

Here we go-- the CrossFit Open officially kicked off at 5 pm on Wednesday.  I started working out at Sound CrossFit last year in April - so I must have just missed the open action last year.  This year, I've discovered that people say 'The Open' in a reverent kind of way.  Okay... I can't lie... I do it too.  So many athletes train for a full year for a chance to qualify for regionals and the outside chance that they'll be one of the elite athletes to head to The CrossFit Games.  I am not one of those people.  Those people are insane and also insanely fit.  I'm one of the people who is using the Open as a benchmark to see where I'm at.  My goal is simply just not to come in last.  

Well... so far, so good.  I'm in the 800's range of the 1400 scores submitted for the NW region.  I'm sure by the time all scores are collected tomorrow -- I'll be somewhere in the lower end of the middle.  Since I've only been doing CrossFit for a little over 10 months and burpees make me want to die-- I'll take it.  

13.1 looks like this:

AMRAP 17 minutes 
40 burpees (standard is to hit a target 6" above your fully outstretched arms)
30 45lb snatches
30 burpees
30 75lb snatches
20 burpees 
30 100lb snatches
10 burpees
125lb snatches - as many as possible in remaining time

I got 113.  Tara got 120.  Watch your back Tara -- I'm coming for you next time. :)  

I may have had the capacity to do better if I wouldn't have gone out drinking last night.  I agree that it was maybe not the best competitive decision that I've ever made.  But it was the SAM Remix and it was SO MUCH FUN.  This is exhibit A of how much fun I had: 

Just because you put a hand crafted fascinator on your head does not mean you look like Kate Middleton. Hard lesson learned at the SAM Remix. 

I love getting out and doing new things and the SAM Remix was one of those things.  They turn the Seattle Art Museum into what is essentially - a giant dance club.  With art.  And burlesque dancers.  It was AWESOME.

Back on a CrossFit note - today was one of those days where I once again remembered how much I love the people I work out with. There are 9 of us signed up for the open and there was a ridiculous amount of cheering, sweating and hugging (for the record... sweaty hugs are the best... thanks Jess!).  

Considering I can barely lift my arms over my head - I've decided to spend the evening 'in'.  I thought I'd also start the project that I've been waiting on for a couple of weeks:  homemade vanilla extract.  Turns out I seriously overestimated how long it was going to take and my project evening was over in exactly 5 minutes.  Whoops.  Guess that means there is more time for wine.   

Homemade vanilla extract is maybe the most simple thing to put together.  Here are my ingredients/materials.  Please note there are three.  THREE.  

I'm excited for the cookies I'm going to make with this already.  Only six months to wait.
They tell me patience is a virtue.  Hm.  We shall see.

I ordered my vanilla beans online.  I wonder what the mailman thought when I received a package from 'Specialty Mushrooms and More'.  I know I would totally have judged me.  But anyways.  They are bourbon madagascar beans and they smell AMAZEBALLS.  Simply split the beans, cut them in half (so they fit in a 4 oz bottle) and fill with the liquor of your choice.  The extract you buy at the store is almost always made with vodka, so I chose bourbon to complement the bourbon beans. (Yes... I probably could have gone classier than Jim Beam -- but this is what I had.  Stop judging.  My liquor cabinet is full of random things -- and the irony is that I rarely drink anything but beer or wine.)  You then put the bottle in a dark area - shaking occasionally to mix - and leave it for one to six months.  I figure at the end of the open (five weeks), I'll give it a try.  So easy and I feel like Martha freaking Stewart. 

See... homey AND strong.  How exactly is it that I'm single?  I'm a total catch.  Duh.  

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