Monday, April 1, 2013

Dear Negatives: I Hate You. That Is All.

Okay... going to the gym is usually able to pull me out of any grumpy funk that I may be in.  Today was a fail.  There are lots of things at the gym that aren't my forte and tonight, I got to do several of them.  YEAH!  

Tonight's WOD: 
4 rounds for time
10 power snatches - 70lbs
10 ring dips
10 strict pull ups
400m run

Well.  I had to scale the ring dips to ring dip negatives and do five at at a time.  Then I also had to scale pull ups to negatives and only do five with David holding my feet so I didn't plummet to the ground once I hit a certain point.  AND I had to run?  FML. It was not an awesome workout.  My arms hurt.  My shoulders hurt. My hands hurt. My legs are tired.  I would be totally whiny if I didn't live alone and actually had someone to whine to.

This happened.  Huge shout out to Coach DQ for rigging me up a sweet dip situation. He's like MacGyver.
And it's just been a long day.  I'm tired and feeling stressed out for no apparent reason.  And I'm driving a shitty car because my car is in the shop (thank you to the dude who rear ended me).  Something about driving a Nissan Altima makes me incredibly grumpy (sorry to anyone who may drive the Nissan Altima on purpose - I'm sure it's a perfectly nice car - this particular one just sucks massively). 

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