Sunday, March 10, 2013

That Happened...

Advice for the wise:

If you ask me out to dinner, it is probably best not to spend the entire dinner TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF.  Something about the fact that you couldn't have been less interested in anything about me is a total turnoff.  Ugh.  Total waste of makeup.  And a cute outfit.  Which I will definitely be wearing again as I will DEFINITELY not be seeing him again. 

I am annoyed.  I was annoyed during dinner but kept a smile on and laughed and asked more questions about him because I didn't know what else to do.  Really?  Where is the person who has your emergency exit code word when you need it?  

There are so many thoughts that I have on this -- and none of them seem quite appropriate to put on the internet. 

Also, I decided to keep my drinking to a minimum (only one day per week) during the next four weeks of the open -- starting today.  Well.  I think this deserves a beer.  At least one.  Maybe seven.  And I'm not counting it against my weekly limit. 

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