Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why I Love Saturday Workouts

There are many reasons why I love doing CrossFit - but Saturday workouts are something a little bit extra special.  Instead of the usual WODs - we do team or partner workouts that involve little or no heavy weights.  All of my favorite people usually work out on Saturday's and so that's fantastic.  

Today we mixed things up and ended up with competing teams:  Tara and Jess vs. Zach and me.  Whose brilliant idea was this?  You guessed it.  NOT ME.  But it was great.  We kicked our asses much more than we even normally do.  It ended in pools of sweat, ass slapping (thanks T.!), a chalk disaster, and much deserved breakfast.  

Thanks to Coach David for capturing these awesome images of today: 

Tara killing the push press

Rowing... blah...

Pretty sure you could see STRAIGHT UP our booty shorts
So... we are all a little bit closer now.

Push ups = the fucking worst

719 - 699???  Damnit.  Zach and I totally get bonus points because he did my initial in bubble letters.  Best partner EVER.
 And afterwards: 
Could I look more beefy?  Nope.  Probably not.  

Doing WODs like this with fantastic people are one of the reasons why I officially love CrossFit.  It's not just the workouts - it's the community.  True story.  

WOD recap:
3 rounds of 1 minute each (total WOD time of 30 minutes)
Row (for calories)
Box jumps
Push Press (75/45)
Sit Ups 

Zach and I?  699 total reps.  We rock.  Jess and Tara rocked slightly more at 719 reps.  

Fine.  You win this time, Team TJ. 

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  1. omggeeeeee!!!! That workout was so much fun. So lucky to have a CF champ like you push me like you do.