Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shin Plants

Let me just describe to you how my workout went yesterday:  

We finally got a chance to test our max box jump.  I have been waiting and WAITING to do this.  I played volleyball all through high school and college and used to have mad hops (yup -just said mad hops). Well.  I cleared 29.5 easily - plenty of room.  Went for 34 and ATE IT.  Didn't just eat it a little bit... straight up shins into the box, landed on my knees on top - with the look on my face of 'what the hell just happened?!'.  Observers said it was 'adorable' and 'graceful'.  Well... it hurt like a bitch.  I swore.  A LOT. 

I am miraculously not bruised to hell - but flexing my ankles at all makes me want to cry. 

So there's that.  

Then we did one of last year's open workouts.  I know that this year will only be harder and that freaks me out.  Last night was:

18 minute AMRAP
15 box jumps (20")
12 push press (80lbs)
9 toes to bar

At this point in the week - my hands are shredded and exhausted from the week.  All I want to do is NOT be hanging from the bar.  I did 4 rounds plus box jumps.  It was not impressive.  AND our coach made me do knees to elbows as my toes were literally NOT GOING ANYWHERE NEAR THE BAR.  

Not impressed. 

Monday was  our other competition course - rope climbs and wall balls.  Brutal.  But, we got to go out for pizza and beer afterwards.  I love my workout team -- they are amazing and I have a ridiculous amount of fun with them.

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