Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Being Domestic

I love three day weekends.  I really, truly do.  There is just something about having that extra day off that is so utterly satisfying.  And then you get to have a short week - which is really a win/win.

This weekend I had all sorts of things that I was going to do: clean my house, vacuum, reorganize my closet, make muffins, change the sheets on my bed, go to Target, do laundry, etc.  All that domestic stuff that I just don't make time for during the regular week.  

Well... turns out that playing is A LOT more fun than being domestic and so I had exactly 0% of my list done when I woke up on Monday morning.  #totalfail  

I finally got around to doing some of this list after dragging myself out of bed and watching the last two episodes of Nashville in my pjs (for those of you who haven't seen it yet - add it to your DVR immediately.  It's amazing).  Let's not kid ourselves, most of my list remains undone and will continue to be that way until next weekend when I'll start the cycle of procrastination all over again.  

BUT... I did get around to making dinner yesterday afternoon (I say afternoon because I ate 'dinner' at 3:30.  I did not want to have a full stomach before going to competition class - so early dinner it is!).  And it was quite tasty.  Here we go: 

Gorgonzola, Date and Bacon Stuffed Chicken
2 chicken breasts
6 dates (pitted)
1 sprig rosemary
1/2 cup gorgonzola
3 strips of bacon
1 1/2 cups uncooked baby spinach

1)  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
2)  Cook bacon over the stove (or just do what I do and always have cooked bacon in the fridge - it saves SO MUCH time)
3) Cut dates in half and then into smaller pieces (I usually get about 8 small pieces).  Finely chop rosemary.  Add to bowl.  
4)  Once bacon is cooked (to extra crispy) - remove from pan and set aside to cool.  Drain pan so just a little bit of bacon fat is left.  Add spinach to pan and saute until wilted and limp looking (I'm sure there is a technical term for this, but I don't know it)
5)  Add spinach to bowl with rosemary and dates.  Add gorgonzola. 
6)  Crumble cooled bacon into small pieces. Add to bowl.  Mix up.  
7)  Take your chicken and cut in half (like how you would cut a bagel - right down the middle).  We want to stuff it so you can *hopefully* imagine what this looks like.  Dont cut all the way through - you want it to still be attached on one side.
8)  Take your chicken and put it in plastic wrap.  I then rolled/beat it with a rolling pin to tenderize it a bit.  
9)  Take your mixture and stuff the chicken (duh!).  Fold the other half over and pin in place with a toothpick.  
10)  Cook for 20-23 minutes (this will vary depending on your chicken - mine were giant chickens from Costco - it took a bit longer)
11)  Let cool and enjoy!  

I realize now that I should have taken a picture or two of this to assist with explanations  Hmm.  Sorry about that. 

But I did take a picture of this: 

So delicious
This was the cinnamon roll that I ate this morning.  My bus drops me off outside of Specialty's Cafe and it's just plain cruel to have to walk past it every morning.  Today, I couldn't resist. Please note that this cinammon roll is neither paleo nor primal nor is it even considered healthy.  I had an instant sugar crash after inhaling it.  BUT... it was totally worth it.  Every single bite. 

Just an update on CrossFit.  Well... yesterday kicked my ass.  It was the first competition class that I actually got to participate in and Tara and I deemed it 'Booty Short Monday'.  Somehow, we managed to leave the gym without a picture of that either.  Fail on the picture front yesterday.  Well... I firmly believe that the booty shorts helped us in the WOD:

3 rounds: 
7 deadlifts (165lbs)
7 hand stand push ups
3 rounds: 
21 kettlebell swings (35lbs)
21 toes to bar
Farmer carry (35lbs)

All in all, it took me just over 16 minutes.  I thought it would take at least 30 so I'm quite pleased.  AND... the guy who I have a huge crush on was at the gym and got to experience Booty Short Monday firsthand (seriously, just ask me out already).  Overall, I'd call Monday a success!! 

We headed back to the gym this morning for: 

5 rounds of 3 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
3 power cleans (65lbs)
6 pushups (I had to use a box as pushups are not my friend)
9 air squats

I did 18 rounds and only had to be corrected on my air squat form approximately 13 times.  SUCCESS!!!!

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