Friday, February 15, 2013

Buck Furpees

You know it is going to be one of those days when this is the text message you get at 7:45 am. 

I dreaded this WOD all damn day.  Huge shout out to Tara for putting a cloud over my perfectly sunny Seattle day by sharing this with me.  Nothing makes the day drag like knowing that you have seven minutes of burpees in your future.  Couple that with the fact that this work week has felt at least eight days long and I’m so ready for the weekend.  

PS - this is Tara:  

Post-StoneWay Resolution Revolution.  She had much more energy than me as she was the heat prior.  My legs were still shaking and I was deciding on throwing up or not.
We are the best partners possibly in the history of all of CrossFit.  And we agree on the cute boys at the gym - but not in the way that we like the same ones.  In the way that we like the exact opposite so there is no conflict.  It's like a match made in heaven.  

This week has been the worst CrossFit week in a while.  #1)  I've been getting over a cold that just won't quit.  Pretty sure I've got a modern day version of the black lung.  #2)  We have done two benchmark workouts and I had my first competition class.  I can literally barely move.  

First off, on Monday was our first competition WOD.  Well.. due to the black lung, I didn't actually do the workout.  But I watched my teammates do it, so it was practically almost the same thing.  AND I did practice the first steps of muscle ups with them.  Wednesday was Christine -- #totallyfuckingbrutal.  I finished in 14:27 with 160 lbs.  I was exactly six seconds faster than the last time.  Whatever -- I'll take it.  It sucked but as I've been told, a PR is a PR.  Then, Thursday was Valentine's Day.  I'd rather do Christine 5 times than deal with Valentine's Day (okay... that's probably a lie.  Please don't actually suggest that to our trainers) -- do not get me started on all the ways that I hate that stupid holiday.  Even when I've been in love - it's been atrocious.  And I did the special VDay workout. Today, seven minutes of burpees.  I did 81.  Not exactly impressive - but I didn't throw up, so there's what.  

Considering I will be rocking an awesome red wine hangover at tomorrow's workout - I am so looking forward to Sunday as my day off.  I never knew how important a recovery day was until I tied four WODs together - every muscle in my body is vehemently against me at this moment.  I have a three day weekend (cheers for banking holidays!!!) and am hoping to get some cooking in.  I've been crazy busy the last couple of weeks (or sick-- never forget sick) and haven't gotten to try the stockpile of recipes I've been hoarding.  Stay tuned for at least one awesome recipe.  

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