Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Crossfit Girls Guide to Life, Working Out, Food, Dating, and so much more...

This is me... 

At my best friend's wedding in December.
I love good wine, great food, my friends, my family, CrossFit, and so much more.  The last year, I've spent a lot of time figuring out who I am and what I want out of life... and I'm not going to lie, it's led to some pretty good stories.  I truly find myself going 'these things only happen to me' more often than I should.  

I've discovered recently that I'm a pretty damn good cook.  I tried to do a 30 day Paleo challenge at my gym - let's just say the challenge itself was an epic fail (I enjoy wine WAY too much to limit myself - telling me I can't have something is like a test.  A test that I will ALWAYS fail).  But the one thing that I have discovered is a great way to eat - a mix between a paleo diet, a primal diet (HELLO!  Who wants to say... 'Oh, I eat Primal'.  That sounds so bizarre), and just basically focusing on eating healthy, real food.  I have found some amazing blogs that have totally motivated me to start my own.  Although I rarely come up with recipes on my own - I like to take ones that some amazing cooks have already created and tweak it to be something that I (and whoever I can convince to come over for dinner) will enjoy.  Some of my favorite blogs that I couldn't cook a meal without are: 

PaleOMG (Juli is totally an inspiration.  Love her food and I strive to be just half as hysterical), The Civilized Caveman (his banana bread is literally to die for), and NomNom Paleo. I can rarely create a recipe from scratch so these are my go-to sites for delicious meals.  I'd love to share some of these amazing recipes (and my twists on them) with anyone who want to read it.  

So... the last picture was me being pretty... this is also me... (*spoiler alert*... this picture is not the most flattering...)
Ouch... just ouch...
This was my very first CrossFit competition.  It was amazing and terrifying all at the same time.  It was a 'lite' competition.  Okay... really?  Thirty 75lb squat clean and jerks followed by four hill runs, 100 burpees and 25 deadlifts is totally 'lite'.  FML. It was eye opening on all the things that I needed to work on and it was a blast doing it with my partner and another team from our gym.  I've fallen in love with CrossFit and am getting my ass handed to me several times a week. 

CrossFit has changed my life (wow... that sounds so corny).  But seriously... it has. There was a time when my life felt out of control.  But for one hour every day, I had control over everything.  I controlled how heavy I could lift, how many reps I could do, how fast I could run.  It was just what I needed. Now, I have a whole community of people who have my back and support and encourage me.  It's truly amazing.  

Since I have gotten into CrossFit and cooking... I have spent much too much time perusing blogs and decided - I can do this, I can blog.  So here I go.  

Welcome to my crazy life - filled with ass-kicking workouts, adventures in online dating, the occasional fantastic recipe, amazing friends and so much more.  All of those 'this only happens to me' stories are definitely ending up here.  Grab a good bottle of red and enjoy reading... cheers!

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