Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hot Yoga is Hard

I did my first hot yoga class yesterday and... wow... hot yoga is HARD.  And this wasn't even true hot yoga - this room was only 95 degrees.  Apparently true hot yoga is like 105.  I can't even imagine.  I was a sweat monster.  Like totally disgusting sweaty beast.  And I smelled.  Sexy?  Not so much

Why am I doing yoga, you ask?  Aren't I a CrossFitter?  Totally.  I am TOTALLY a CrossFitter (is CrossFitter actually a word?  It should be.).  But last week - a couple of the coaches were talking about using hot yoga to increase flexibility (turns out I'm not the only one with inflexibility issues) and it piqued my interest.  So, I thought I'd give it a try.  And I have never sweated so much in my entire life.  Maybe not even if you took all my CrossFit workouts and combined the sweat into one.  And I wasn't as bad as the guy in front of me - he was doing yoga in a puddle of his own sweat.  You go sweaty yoga guy - you kicked my ass in every single pose. 

Turns out - I'm terrible at yoga.  I had this fantasy that because I've gotten in better shape that I'd be better at it than the last time I tried.  False.  I was maybe worse. Could be because we did vinyasa yoga (Side note: There are so many kinds of yoga.  SO MANY KINDS.  Bikram.  Flow.  Vinyasa.  Power vinyasa.  Power flow vinyasa.   Gentle.  Aggressive.  Beat yoga.  Yoga for pregnant people.  Yoga for old people. Plain yoga.  Are you confused yet?  I am. SO very confused.).  I'm going to go ahead and blame it on the burpees and deadlifts I did yesterday morning - but my arms were shaking by the time we'd gotten through our second round of chataranga (which I guarantee is spelled wrong - but if you've done vinyasa yoga - you know exactly what I mean).  

I am uncoordinated and not the least bit graceful and I kept looking at the folks around me who were holding poses like it wasn't even remotely difficult while it took every ounce of my energy just to hold downward dog and not fall over.  Grandma on the yoga mat next to me was killing it while I couldn't figure out which hand to put where (cue Jess with the *cough* switch arms *cough*).  Turns out following directions AND knowing right from left are also not exactly my forte.    

By the end of the 90 minutes session, I was a messy puddle of sweat with shaky arms and legs and had missed half of the poses - but I finished it. And it felt damn good.  Being in the warm room, smelling the odor of 25 sweaty people while failing epicly at flexibility and coordination was surprisingly awesome.  Do I want to trade in my CrossFit shoes for a yoga mat and towel?  No way.  I love the energy that goes into CrossFit - and something about throwing weights around while swearing and listening to loud music makes me happy. But it was great to experience something new and to use my muscles in a different way than usual.  I'm definitely going to add some hot yoga into my workout routines... at least for the next 30 days as the girl at the counter definitely convinced me into the 30 day trial. Yoga girl upsell = 1, AmEx Card = 0

Namaste y'all. 

This seems peaceful.  What I did?  Not so peaceful.


  1. Danielle - First of all so proud of you for all you have accomplished with CrossFit! Amazing to read!

    Second of all, Hot Yoga does get easier and your flexibility does increase very fast. Doing that together with CrossFit you will see results so fast. I used to do it with my body works classes at my gym 2 days a week Body Works and 2 days a week Hot Yoga and my stability and flexibility increased so fast I couldn't believe it. So keep at it and you'll be glad you did.

    Again, Congrats on all your recent accomplishments!

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