Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Las Vegas - A Recap

Howdy y'all.  I know that what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas - unless of course, you have a blog.  Then you post all the pictures online for all the world to see.  Here is a picture tutorial of our Vegas trip: (which was AMAZING - FYI)

Breakfast at the airport.  We walked in and the server definitely greeted us with: 'Alcohol.  You are alcohol people.  I can tell.'  It had to of been the hats.  EVERYONE asked us if we were going to have fun.  Hats.  It's where it's at people. 

Look how pretty and enthusiastic we are!
Fast forward three hours:
Winning. (This is also me 'pre-tan'-- hello legs!)  The pool at the Wynn was glorious.  It was also topless.  Hold your judgment - all of our tops stayed ON.  However, the bachelorette party in front of us was a totally different story.
Grapefruit mimosas by the pool?  Yes. 
We avoided pictures in our swimsuits.  Actually - we took them.  And then I deleted them.  Seattle pastey + bikini = not attractive.  Damnit.  

Fast forward another 6 hours + nap/shower time:
Why yes.  This is a giant high heeled shoe in the Cosmopolitan.  And yes, we are standing in it.  And yes, I made them.  And made a random stranger take our picture.  Being bossy isn't just a Seattle thing - I am also bossy on vacation.
We had tickets to see Band of Horses at the Cosmopolitan. The ticket said the concert started at 8pm.  We arrived at 7:45 because all of us are punctual people (after having dinner at D.O.C.G Enoteca - see 'Summary of Things I Ate' for more on that).  Turns out... main acts at Vegas concerts do not start until at least 10:30pm.  No one told us this -- and these are things that I feel people should have told us.  This is what happened during our two hour and forty five minute wait:
Giant Beers!
Angular poses.  Really - I was trying to capture the beauty of the Las Vegas strip at night.  I feel like Tara photo bombed me. 
Girl pictures taken from a random dude.  Who then asked us to get cozy with his brother so he could take a picture and win a bet.  Of course we did it.  He was the luckiest dude at that pool.
Waiting and bored.  Made friends with the old dudes next to us who were smoking cigars and telling us that Band of Horses cancelled.  Ummm... excuse me sir... if you received an email to this effect, why have you been waiting two hours??? At this point we became mildly concerned.
And we actually took a cute picture.  Go us.  We are adorable.  And cold.  Did I mention that we were cold?  60 degrees and freezing.  My dad would call me a wuss.  He would be right.
Finally, at approximately 10:30 - Band of Horses came on stage.  And they were AMAZING. 

Worth the wait.  But still annoyed that the wait was that long.  Also, Las Vegas had never seen so much flannel - Seattle was missing all of its hipsters that night.  At least we weren't homesick.  

The concert was AMAZING.  So glad we went - so glad we waited.  

(Sidenote: this is the never ending day... my apologies... the rest of our short trip was not nearly as full as the first 18 hours)

Fast forward to midnight (yes... midnight... that hour of the day that I RARELY see): 

We went back to the hotel to change.  I have not changed and gone out after midnight probably since I was 22.  Maybe.  Maybe 21.  Regardless - it was a LONG time ago.  

And then... we went to a nightclub.  (I know, I know... we are all thinking the same thing... nightclub?!?!  Who am I?!?!!)  Well... not the kind of person that goes to a nightclub normally but had a TOTAL FREAKING BLAST at this one.  Meera's friends from college were there and had set us up with a private cabana.  Umm... let me say that again.  Private.  Cabana.  Not just a table or bottle service.  CABANA.  Our own private bathroom, private couches, bottle service, private hot tub - all overlooking the dance floor.  It was a spectacular experience.  Meera's friends - Sean and Matt - were both amazing, fun and just generally awesome.  We had a great group of people to have this experience with.  

Here are more pictures: 
I wish I had a better picture of this club.  It was outdoors - at the pool.  And one of the coolest places I've seen in a while -- okay... ever.  I've never been to club like that. 
This is Courtney.  She's a resident surgeon with Meera.  This is what happens when Tara talks your way into the roped off dance floor and Bassnectar is DJing.  It was insane.  Wall to wall people.  We worked our way up to like 6 people from the DJ.  And then we almost got crushed.  True story. 

This is the picture from the DJ booth.  And yes... I stole this from the Bassnectar website.  And yes... I looked at the Bassnectar website to find a picture.  This looks crazy.  It was even crazier feeling six people back from the DJ.  Amazing.  So glad I followed Tara in... I never would have done that by myself! 

This pic is just darn adorable.  Hello Tara - that is a cocktail.  Probably a strong one.
We've had approximately 7 vodka/Red Bulls at this point.  Don't tell me how bad they are for me.  I know.  Downers - uppers.  I get it.  I drink them once every 5 years.  3 am at a club in Vegas - I'll drink what I want. 
We are so darn cute.  I am very short.  She is very tall.  Hmm... how did that happen?!
  Oh... and then this happened: 
One may say: are you in a hot tub?!  Yes. Yes, we are.  At 4 in the morning.  At a nightclub.  In our dresses.  That happened.  And it was awesome.  

So... the next day we were pretty much worthless.  Tired + mildy hungover = full day of sitting by the pool.  Actually - it's a miracle we weren't ridiculously hungover.  Literally - by the pool from 11 am until 4 pm.  Then nap time - then fancy dinner time.  B&B Ristorante in The Venetian.  Pretty girl time: 

It's just nice to get dressed up sometimes.  Love it.
Dinner was good - more on that in my 'Summary of Things I Ate' post.  But that will have to wait until tomorrow - this post is already 17 times longer than it should be.  

Pretty sure I was sound asleep by like 11 pm on Sunday night - we are too old for multiple nights of raucousness.  

We left on Monday and spent all morning laying by the pool - I have the sunburn to prove it.  Sleeping last night was painful and made me add one more thing to the 'Why I Hate Living Alone' list - no one to aloe my back.  FML.  Anyways... here is a Vegas parting shot:

Do my legs look slightly tanner?  They should.

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  1. Lve this, sounds like a fantastic time!!!! I'm going to Vegas for the first time in July....so excited! Xxx