Friday, April 5, 2013

A CrossFit Girl's Birthday (or There's No Crying in CrossFit)

This week was my birthday -- yeah!!! Even though I've been telling people I'm 30 for at least 6 months... it's still not true.  I'm now officially 29.  I'll most definitely continue to tell people I'm 30 for at least the next 6 months -- at which time I will probably have a 'holy crap - I'm 30' meltdown and then proceed to tell people that I'm 28.  Age has never really been a big deal to me (except for 21-- but who wasn't thrilled to turn 21 and be able to have legal cocktails?!) -- but I guess I thought I'd have my shit figured out by 30.  And let me just tell you... my shit is most definitely not figured out.  I have 363 days to pull it together. 

We celebrated with beers and bocce ball at the newest German bar in Seattle.  It was just what I wanted to do... low key, casual, getting my ass kicked at bocce.  And the beers were this big:

Well... my beer was this big.  Other people's were totally normal size. And I had two.  Happy Birthday to me!!!
I had a blast.  I am so lucky to have the coolest and most amazing friends.  Huge shoutout to everyone who came -- you totally made my day.  Thank you so much.  

Unfortunately, my actual birthday was not as successful as my party.  I worked ALL day.  Regular work 8-4, coaching 5-7:30, competition course 7:30-8:30.  Long day.  And I maybe cried.  Several times.  For no apparent reason.  Even in CrossFit.  Oh yes... total CrossFit meltdown (almost equivalent to the great med ball clean meltdown of 2012).  I had a moment - I felt crappy at coaching and like I couldn't teach even basic movements without mucking it up - and then I had my own workout and felt like I couldn't do ANYTHING.  Some nights - things don't click.  Even things I've been doing for a year.  It led to tears.  Really?!  There is no crying in CrossFit -- unless you've hurt yourself or you've pushed so hard that you can't help it.  But I feel like there are times that CrossFit breaks me.  It's not necessarily bad - it's just that it's usually my place that I go to push until I can't go any more and it makes me feel better when I'm stressed out or feeling anxious.  However, when a movement seems like it's just not coming together - it can break you.  Well.  It broke me. On my birthday.  But it's okay.  A little bit of breaking is okay, especially because I am totally capable of putting myself back together.  

Positive side... I got to eat this on my birthday:

The new Burger Bistro at the Westin is AMAZEBALLS. 

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