Saturday, April 6, 2013

13.5 - Til Next Year, CrossFit Open, Til Next Year

The Open is officially over.  And 13.5 defeated me.  15 reps?  15?!?!?!  Sad day.  I only finished the first set of thrusters.  Chest to bar pull ups are just not in the cards for me this year... next year however, they will be my bitch.  You know, even though I'm disappointed that I didn't do better this year, it was a great eye-opening opportunity to the things that I need to work on and I plan on mastering them before next year's open.  I know that I will probably never be a real competitor or close to regionals - but next year, I fully expect to be in the top third of those competing in the region - and I know I'm going to have to work my butt off to get there. 

On a completely different note - my parents are here for the weekend.  YEAH!  They came up for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and with them, they brought my fabulous new food processor!!  So excited.  It's a little ridiculous to be so excited over an appliance - but I am.  I keep thinking of all the thinks I can slice, julienne, shred and puree with practically no effort.  Amazing.  

Last night I made Coffee Marinated Steak Fajitas - they were pretty darn good.  Steak is not quite my forte - but I'm trying.  I need to add more red meat into my diet and so I'm working on it slowly but surely.  My dad definitely had to help me with the steak -- but I think I've got it (thanks Dad!).  Next time, I'm on my own.  I'll post the recipe for the rub I used later -- it was pretty darn good.  

Tonight... the folks and I went for Via Tribunali pizza.  If you haven't been there - go.  Like drop everything and go immediately.  It's the best wood fired pizza in all of Seattle.  It's comparable to pizza I ate in Rome.  Totally fantastic.  

Margherita DOC pizza.  I almost ate the whole damn thing.  I wanted to. 
Even my Dad likes Via Trib pizza.  Since he usually hates pizza - this is a huge compliment. My mom had actual clams on her pizza.  In the shell.  That was different. 
Tomorrow, my mom and I are going for pediucures.  I can't wait.  I am in desperate need.  And I'll probably get another before Vegas.  And a manicure.  And a spray tan. 
Oh... and my new swimsuit came yesterday.  It's glorious.  And fringy.  It rained all day today - can't wait for sunshine.  Two weeks!

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