Sunday, September 22, 2013

Going to the Chapel

This weekend, I made a super quick trip to California to see my oldest friend get married.  (No, I don't mean my 'oldest' friend.  I mean, my friend who I have literally had for almost my entire life - not an 85 year old friend.)  

Diana and I have been friends since we were in first grade.  Seeeeeee... 
We were obviously the most awesome (and adorable) kids ever (proven because my mom cropped everyone out of this picture who wasn't awesome).  And our Brownie uniforms were totally rad circa 1990.  The fact that we were this adorable at 6 is only a sign of the amazing things to come.  Seeeee....
We have been friends for almost our entire lives. We were what? Six in the first grade?  That's almost 24 years.  Crazy.  It's hard to imagine that I've been friends with someone for that long!  Growing up as an only child, Diana and her sisters are the closest thing to siblings that I've ever had.  Diana's mom is one of my mom's closest friends and a lot of my childhood memories involve being in and around their house or our house - most likely running around like banshees (or chasing the neighbor boy, Doug). 

It's weird to have your oldest and dearest friend get hitched.  Although a lot of my friends are married by now, most of them I met in college - and we already thought we were adults then (even though we were horribly, horribly wrong). I've literally known Diana since we were tiny humans. I could not be more excited for her and her new hubby and I am so incredibly honored to be a part of her big day.  

It was a fantastic weekend.  I loved spending time with her family and helping her get ready for the day.  I had an amazing time hanging out with her sisters and her mom and all getting pretty and ready together.  Overall, wedding success.  I'm sure there will be more pictures to come.  

Oh. And I did my part to help out the CA budget crisis yesterday.  I got a speeding ticket in Calabasas (before you ask... yes, THAT Calabasas.  AKA Kardashian country. And I hate myself for even knowing that).  It was totally my fault.  I'll own it - I was speeding.  But seriously?  Worst luck ever. This girl. WORST. LUCK. EVER.  You are welcome, California-ites, you are welcome. 

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