Sunday, September 29, 2013

Barbara = Sore. Oh So Sore.

You know what is happening right now?  My best friend has determined that my online dating profile isn't sufficient and she has taken it over.  Not kidding.  Took it over.  New profile.  New password.  New everything.  I'm pretty sure that she will just let me know where/when I need to be for a date (assuming that I actually get a date).  This is happening.  I'm not sure whether to be psyched or terrified.  

On another note... this week has been tough.  Work (yes, that real job... that place I have to go every day in order to pay my mortgage) has been stressful.  I haven't been able to make it to the gym to workout because between my work schedule and my coaching schedule - I've been running around like a crazy person.  So... I was incredibly grateful to have exactly zero plans on my schedule yesterday.  I cleaned my house (kinda), I caught up on laundry (kinda), I played with Grace (inside... because it was POURING outside).  I went to the gym and did Barbara.  Ouch.  No... seriously.  Ouch.  5 rounds... 20 pullups, 30 push ups, 40 sit ups, 50 squats.  It took me over 46 minutes (with 3 minutes of rest between rounds)... yowza.  I rolled over in bed this morning and had to take an inventory of what I could move and what I couldn't.  Turns out that everything hurts.  Sitting on the couch hurts.  Walking the dog hurts.  Making eggs hurts.  Washing my hair is totally not happening.  
Except for the times when it's just pain.  Like today.  Lots and lots of pain.
On another another note... I have two weeks until the Bacon Beatdown.  And I'm freaking out.  Eek.  I met another girl last week who is doing it and she was so damn enthusiastic.  She's practically brand new to CrossFit (probably hence the first competition enthusiasm) but her 'I'm going to kill it' enthusiasm was mildly intimidating (don't tell).  I know I'm strong.  I know I can do everything that they listed for standards in my division.  I know that I can suck it up and do burpees quickly if I need to (argh).  I've just been so busy and so stressed out that I need to prove it to myself again.  Okay... kick ass workouts are officially on the agenda this week.  Of course, I probably need to be able to move my arms again (whose idea was it to do Barbara again?!?!?!?!). 

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