Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CrossFit Truths

Lately, I've had several people look at me like I'm nuts when I say that I do CrossFit.  Here are a list of the general 'are you crazy?!' statements that come along with the looks AND my rebuttals: 
"What are you?  Like really strong? "
No.  I am not 'really strong'.  But I am strong.  And I have worked my butt off to get there.  I didn't walk in to the gym on my first day strong.  Yes, some of strength can be contributed to your body build and athleticism - but I've worked hard to increase my one rep maxes and to get 'strong'.  
"Isn't that super expensive?"
 Well.  CrossFit isn't cheap.  I will be the first to admit that.  BUT... here is a list of other things that aren't cheap: yoga, pilates, kickboxing, designer handbags, dinners at Canlis, Lululemon, massages, wine clubs, Louboutins, and trips to Bali.  (Okay, obviously, this isn't an extensive list.)  
I have no idea where this came from - but it was posted on the gym's Facebook page and I love it.  So true.  That being said, don't try to come between me and my fancy handbags. 
"Aren't you afraid you are going to get bulky?"
 Do I look bulky?? (Think before you answer that.)  

Side note: I put on a pair of my super stretchy skinny jeans (some may call them jeggings - but I refuse) this weekend and I looked like the hulk.  My quads have gotten extremely strong looking (but only in one pair of pants).  Yay?
 "Ew.  Don't you sweat a lot?"
Ummm...  Yes.  There is a lot of sweat.  Gross stinky sweat.  In my opinion, a little sweat never hurt anybody.  The benefits of sweat seriously out weigh the downsides (downsides being stinky, damp, hmmm... is there more?? Probably.)  What cracks me up most about this is I've actually had someone ask me this who swears by hot yoga.  
 "Isn't CrossFit like a total cult?"
Yes.  And I drank the kool-aid.  

NO!  We are not like a cult.  Just like being a sorority is not a cult either. Cults are scary things that usually result in a mass murder/suicide (and no, I totally didn't watch a three-hour documentary on cults one time - I'm WAY cooler than that). Okay... if CrossFit IS a cult - it's the kind of cult I want to be involved in: promoting healthy living with a great community of people who support each other?  Sold.  

Side note: Thank you to Jonestown for giving us the ever relevant reference of 'drank the kool-aid'.  Cyanide laced beverages?  Where do I sign up?
"Isn't CrossFit a guy thing?"
No response.  Just no response. 

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