Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Goal Day!

Yes... I tried to make that sound just as fun as Sunday Funday.  However...  no day of the week rhymes with 'goal'... so Wednesday Goal Day was the best I've got. 

Most recent bad decision?  I signed up for The Bacon Beatdown on October 12 -13.  I had a moment of total motivation after watching everyone compete at WODFest this weekend and decided that I too can be a stellar athlete.  Hmmm... well.  This will be six workouts over two days. This is a run down of what the workouts were at the Florida event last month: 

100 air squats to a med ball
50 hang snatches (55lbs)
100 air squats (10 min cap)

12 min AMRAP
10 single leg burpees (what?!?)
20 double unders
30m prowler push (135lbs)

3 min AMRAP
Pull ups (20 deadlift buy-in @ 145lbs)
3 min AMRAP
Knees to Elbows (20 front rack lunges buy in @ 65lbs)
3 min AMRAP
Rope climbs (20 Sumo DL High Pull buy in @ 65lbs)
(Isn't this really just three mini workouts wrapped into one?!)

6 rounds (max 12 minutes)
6 ball over bar @ 70lbs
6 back squats @ 105lbs
12 ring push ups (ouch.  must practice.)

Every minute on the minute
Keg ground to overhead (a keg?!?!)
7 burpees 

30 OH Lunges - Right Leg (15lbs)
30 Cleans (95lbs)
30 OH Lunges - Left Leg (15lbs) 10 minute cap

Ummmm... holy balls.  I know that this isn't what the workouts will be here - but I imagine that it will be comparable.  And hard.  Ridiculously hard.

I've got 66 days from now to get ready for this shindig.  And I need some goals.  I figured that posting them online would be a great way for me to stay motivated and accountable so here they are: 

  • Unassisted pullups.  These have been a goal for a long time now and I am thisclose to being there. 
  • Kipping pullups.  Link 5 together.
  • Pushups. Do 15 legit pushups unbroken. (And by legit, I mean full plank, chest to ground)
  • Burpees.  Do 30 burpees without wanting to cry.  (Or as normal people may put it - 30 unbroken)
  • Work on my rope climbs.  I've got them - I just need to be more proficient.  
  • Double unders.  The bane of my freaking existence.  Get 15 unbroken.  
I'm currently recruiting for Team Danielle (and yes, there may be shirts).  If you are in Seattle and available on Oct 12-13, put me on your calendar.  The more people I have watching me, the less likely I am to cry after single legged burpees (or whatever hell they think up for this crazy event).   

On another note, there is a bacon eating contest after the WOD portion of this competition.  That I actually stand a legitimate chance of winning.  

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