Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Scariest Word in the World

Wow... I have officially started three separate blog posts over the two weeks and haven't been able to get them done and actually posted.  So today, I decided to delete them all and start over.  I've had multiple comments about why I haven't been posting lately.  Well... honestly?  I've just been really busy and when I have time to relax, I really just need to shut off my brain and not think.  Which bring us to today's blog topic: CHANGE. 

Oh yes... one of the scariest words around:  change.  It seems like all of my friends are going through huge changes right now: getting married, having babies, buying a new house (oh wait! that's me!!!), moving, breaking up, starting a new relationship, moving in with a significant other, getting a new dog (oh wait! that's me too!), all sorts of things.Today I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal (yes. I read the Wall Street Journal.  I know.  It's shocking that I read things besides the CrossFit Journal.  But I do... sometimes.)  This article was about how major life events (death of a loved one, divorce, getting fired from your job, moving, etc.) affect your sense of self and how we deal with those changes.  It really made me think - how do we actually deal with change?

I, for one, am terrible with change.  I about had a meltdown when Victoria's Secret stopped carrying my favorite underwear.  True story.  (Too much information?  Possibly.  But still a true story.)  But I also acknowledge that change is a fact of life that we are unable to avoid so why do we fight it?  Because it's hard, that's why.  Perfect CrossFit example??? Coaching. When I instruct people to change their squats or pushups (or really anything for that matter!), their usual response is 'but it's harder that way'.  Yes.  Yes it is.  But eventually it's going to get easier because you are going to get stronger and you'll be doing it correctly. 

Next week, I am moving into a new house.  One that I bought and will be paying for over the next 30 years of my life (seeing a payoff date of 2043 was more than intimidating). And I hate moving - it's hard.  I lived in a shoebox sized mother-in-law apartment for almost four years because it was easier than moving into a bigger place.  I've already taken the easy way out with this one and hired movers to get my crap out of my three-story rented townhome, into my new three-story townhome (apparently I REALLY like stairs).  I know I have at least a six-month learning curve ahead of me in trying to figure out where the hell I put all of my things and I know that some things will just completely disappear forever. 

Last week, I got a dog.  Her name is Grace and she is adorable.  AND a ton of work. Getting up 30 minutes earlier every day to make sure she gets a decent walk in before I go to work is hard.  

Isn't she just so damn cute?  She's a pit bull/lab mix. Or as I like to call her 'purebred pound puppy'.
What's my point?  Change is hard.  And it usually has a period of time where it sucks, even when the change is for the better.  Even when you know you are doing the right thing - it's hard to face the unknown.  What if my new furbaby never stops chasing my cats around the house?  What if I don't like my new neighbors?  What if something breaks and I have to spend all of my money on a handyman instead of at Lululemon?  What if my blonde dog continues to shed on all of my black clothes and there is suddenly a shortage of lint rollers in the world??  

Whether it is changing the way you squat or your job or your boyfriend or where you live - it's all the same.  There is going to be a time where the change feels weird.  But it's going to get better - you get stronger - you get used to it.  You build on the change and pretty soon it becomes the norm. 

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