Monday, July 1, 2013

Hmmm...really, Google?

When I started a blog, I never expected that people would actually read it.  I thought that I'd look back in a year or so and laugh about the stupid things that I think are interesting/funny.  Turns out - lots of other people think the things I say are interesting/funny and they keep reading (Thank you!!! That's actually kinda totally awesome and I hope I can continue to make you laugh as hard as I make myself laugh).  

Today, I decided to find out how people actually find my blog.  Well... my blog comes up a lot when people search for CrossFit and CrossFit girls.  Duh - that's the basic gist of what I've been going for.  Now, here is where things get interesting.  Other searches that I come up under?  CrossFit booty, CrossFit dating (if there is a website for this - please direct me to it immediately), dating a CrossFit girl (I hope I gave you good advice and didn't potentially scare you off forever)  BUT... my personal favorites are: (drumroll please) Hotties from Tough Mudder Whistler and topless CrossFit girls.  TOPLESS CROSSFIT GIRLS?!?!?!? (I get it.  I once used the word 'topless' in a blog.  No.  It was not in reference to me.  However, I've also used lots of other words.)  And hotties from Tough Mudder Whistler??  People searched for that?!?!?! More than one person searched for that?!?!  (Or I guess the same person several times?)

I officially need an SEO manager for my blog. 

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