Monday, October 28, 2013

Sometimes People Just Need a High Five

And other times, people need a high five in the face.  

With a chair.  

Today is one of those days.  Actually, it started yesterday with the most ridiculous pet owners that I have ever seen letting their beasties run wild at the park.  I may be a new pet owner, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that letting your dog run unbridled up another group of dogs could result in some bad behavior and/or a dog fight.  Grace may not be the best behaved dog in the universe (but we are working on it!) - but she knows better than that (AND I know better than that!  Even as a new owner.)  Dogs may be pets, but they are still animals - and their only line of defense is to bite when they feel threatened.  Just because your dog may be fabulous around other dogs, doesn't necessarily mean that mine is.  Argh.  Stupid people. 

The stupidity of people today has ranged from terrible drivers to needing to try four different registers at Nordstrom just to buy lip gloss.  There are days where you are just over people.  Today I've decided that people suck.  
Also - my mother has requested that I spend more time doing blog posts.  I'm apparently failing miserably at this.  Recent update on my life?  Work has been crazy... it's the season of lots of things going on.  I'm just super swamped all day every day.  I've been coaching a lot lately - last week our schedule was all wonky with the absence of one of our coaches.  I have hardly been working out - like we're talking 2-3 days a week instead of my usual 5.  I've had a cold that just won't go away.  I'm just in general totally beat almost all the time. Yesterday was fantastic because I had NOTHING to do.  It was glorious.  I slept in.  I drank coffee and caught up on guilty pleasures on TV.  I took a 2 hour nap at 10am.  I went to Home Depot (I'm such a homeowner!).  I took Grace to play with Dex and Tara.  I relaxed.  I know... what is that like?!?

Oh... and I've been on a couple of dates with a guy and they've gone very well.  Since I'm pretty sure that writing about it on the blog will be the kiss of death - I'll be keeping this under wraps for a while.  Eek.  

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