Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Old Pics - New Challenges

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't been good enough at posting blogs.  Well... I have been busy.  So ridiculously busy.  So... let me just share this quick gem with you and then I'll give you a quick update on my life.  

Ummm... where did this picture come from, you ask?  Good freaking question.  Let's just acknowledge that it has been out there on the internet for like four months and I hadn't seen it until yesterday and that was pretty much an accident.  Yes... that's me.  Dying while doing deadlifts at our competition in January. I'm pretty sure those were like 115# deadlifts and I almost cried trying to do 50 of them or however many it was (50 may be an exaggeration.  I honestly can't remember how many there were.  A lot.)  The most classic thing about this picture isn't me though... it's everyone else.  Jess finds my failure hysterical.  Or maybe I'm swearing and cracking her up (which is probably more likely).  Ted is wondering why it's taking me 10 minutes to do these deadlifts and why exactly he got stuck with me as his partner.  Zach looks like it's approximately 12 degrees out - which is probably close to accurate -- it was f-ing cold. Tara isn't even watching anymore and isn't in the picture.  She's given up on us.  After I struggled through burpees, it was just too painful.  Oh man... I love you Sound CrossFit folks.  You make for good photos.(Correction: This isn't Zach.  He says he was off somewhere about to pass out.  At this point - he'd probably given up on us too.  We thought maybe it was Mike.  Mike claims it's not him.  So... he shall heretofore be referred to as the 'mystery cheerer'.) (Correction correction:  Mystery cheerer IS in fact Zach. Mystery solved.)

What else has been going on lately?  Nothing.  I'm in Spokane for work all week.  I go to Dallas on Friday (can't wait!) and am back in Seattle on Tuesday.  It will be a nice little break from the office, from regular life, etc.  As sad as this is -- I'm missing the gym!  How lame does that sound?!  Let me explain: 

We started our new challenge yesterday.  This is my first challenge as a coach and it's completely different to be on the cheerleader side than on the 'I've got to win!!!' side.  This challenge has a total social media flair to it with everyone tagging #soundcrossfit on EVERYTHING that they do.  I know that it's only day 2 - but it's fun to see how enthusiastic everyone is while posting things.  Hilarious.  So as to not be outdone... I had to open a Twitter account.  Yes.  I tweet.  That's happening.  I am offically a cool kid.  My twitter name (or handle as the cool kids like to call it) is... danielletmolle.  Follow me.  Or tweet me.  Whatever. 

Anyways... long story short:  Tagboard is awesome.  Check out all of our athlete's hilarious tweets here.  Want to know what us coaches are up to?  Here.  Please also note that I'm the only one who has dared to do an athletic tweet with an alcoholic beverage.  It's been a long day.  Work is tough.  Mobility and wine totally go together.  Hold your judgment - just... hold it. 

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