Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cooking for One? Not A Chance.

I try not to spend a lot of time ranting about the joys of singledom, but let me just take a minute to share my most recent complaint: 

I am ALWAYS cooking for two even though I am just one.  And I refuse to buy a 'Cooking for One' cookbook.  That's just sad.  One may say "Bonus!  You always have leftovers!".  Well... this is only good in a couple of scenarios: 1) it would taste decent the next day (hot or cold), and 2) what I made was actually edible in the first place (questionable at best).  As almost everyone in the Facebook universe has recently learned - this week I made 3 lbs of pulled pork.  Well... 3lbs turns out to be A LOT.  And although I got some really good ideas from people on how to prepare and eat it for the rest of my life - there is one really big stipulation that I forgot to mention - I don't actually like pulled pork.  (Yeah... I kinda forgot that before I made it too.)  I REALLY like pulled pork sandwiches that are drenched in BBQ sauce - but that's is because I REALLY like BBQ sauce.  Moral of the story?  BBQ sauce is not allowed on my current diet because of the ridiculously high sugar content (which is probably why I like it in the first place).  So I have approximately 2 1/2 lbs of meat in my fridge that I don't even like.  Shit. 

So there's that. 

I'm attempting to plan out my meals a week in advance so I only have to go to the grocery store once.  This is great... assuming that you remember a pen to cross off your items and don't end up missing at least half a dozen because they all blend together on your list of uncrossed out items.  Total fail.  The end result of meal planning?  TONS of food.  Not enough Tupperware (who wants to go to Costco this weekend?!). Desperate cravings for things that I didn't include in my week of meals resulting in even more trips to the grocery store.  Huge appreciation for my mom being able to do this while I was growing up - I can barely successfully feed myself - the idea of feeding an entire family every day makes me feel like hyperventilating.  

Anyways... enough about food.

Other miscellaneous life items for your enjoyment: 
  • I do not need to date someone who is CrossFit obsessed but for the love of all things holy, if I meet one more guy who says 'You do CrossFit? Does that mean you can beat me up?', I'm going to run him over with my car. 
  • Coaching is going spectacularly well (or at least I like to think it is).  I'm not 100% sure that the athletes in my classes think I'm as funny as I think I am... but that's a whole different story.  People are learning, people are lifting and no one has gotten hurt on my watch.  Winning!!
  • Whatever moron makes women's dresses with the zipper in the back was obviously in a relationship.  Now that it is summer/dress season - I have had way too many days where I have to come to work half-dressed and have a coworker zip me up.  And yes... I'm aware that they make hooky things for zippers so I can take care of it myself.  Just put those is in the same category as cookbooks for single people. 
  • Tough Mudder is next weekend.  Am I prepared?  Not so much.  I've run three times in the last month.  Does that count as training?  No?  Shit.  However, I am super psyched to go to Whistler, hang out with some of my favorite peeps, and get a little dirty.
  • I had a date last night that didn't suck.  YAY!  Either my dating expectations have been significantly lowered or this guy was actually really fun.  (I'm leaning towards the latter.)  This is a huge improvement off of last week's terrible date that resulted in a 'I'm going to be 30 and single FOREVER' bout of grumpiness that everyone who talked to me at the gym on Saturday morning was lucky enough to experience. Whoops.  Sorry guys.     
  • I need new workout shoes.  I am going through shoes like crazy and it's been months since I got new ones (and my oly lifters don't count).  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking about Nanos... but I really love my Nike Frees.  Life dilemma. 
Darn right.
Umm... I think that's it.  Adios peeps.  (Yes... I know that this post was more of a 'life update' than actually being useful to anyone.  My bad.  I will work more on useful information.)

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  1. Asics has some new training shoes, Asics Gel-Fortius TR, that I can get you for a discount from one of my certifications. It's family and friends in June so I can order a different size. They retail at 90, but I can get them for 69.75 for you until June 30th. Let me know!